How it works

Absolute Technology Payroll integrates the entire process, from the time clock to the paycheck.

Our system that begins with an electronic time clock that is directly linked to the system software. Employees use a credit card-sized magnetic card to check in and out, similar to processing a credit card. The system compares the entry time to the employee’s schedule for initial verification, and the information becomes available to multiple supervisor workstations.

A security and password system allows grouping of employees by supervisor and administrator so that all levels are protected from unauthorized examination or modification.

On a daily (or other) basis, a group supervisor can audit and modify clock punches and compare them to each employee’s planned schedule. Confirming/editing a 15-30 person group takes less than ten minutes.

On a weekly (or other) basis, a supervisor prints a group report that each employee can review for accuracy. When all employees are confirmed, the report can be batch transferred to payroll. The system prevents partial transfers, duplicate transfers, and transfer of information that is in dispute.

On the pre-determined pay schedule, checks are cut, taxes withheld and management reports generated for delivery to the pay site.

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